Digital banners, logos and customised VIP invites

Digital banners, logos and customised VIP invites

Download these tailored  AW20/21 logospromotional banners and customised VIP invites and add to your email signature, social media, website and newsletters (or as you choose) to help promote your presence at Pure London or Pure Origin to the fullest.
  • Right click on the asset you would like to use
  • Click "Save image as"
  • Save the file to your preferred computer folder
Putting these assets on your website and social media accounts lets your current and potential customers know that you will be exhibiting at Pure London and encourages them to come and meet you face-to-face.

Official logos



Promotional banners

Pure London banner 300X250


Pure Origin banner 300X250


Pure London banner 728X90


Pure Origin banner 728X90


Customised VIP invites

We’ve made it even easier for you to let buyers know you’ll be at the show this season with our customised VIP invites. Simply follow these easy steps below;

1. Click on the link below that pertains to the sector you’ll be showcasing in (Pure London or Pure Origin)


2. Click on the settings button at the bottom of the invite - it looks like this   Pure London vip invites

3. Click on the edit tab (pure london vip invites) and edit ‘filename-here’ to something that relates to your brand e.g. Pure London SS20.

5. Enter your Brand name and Stand Number (you can remove the **).

6. When you’ve finished, click the down arrow and your customised JPEG will download.

7. Start sending to your customers!

Generic VIP invites (PDF)

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