Event Guides

Event Guides

Introducing Event Guides Retail & Consumer Limited, our Official Show Publications partner.

The Official publications are vital for visitors and will be distributed free of charge to attendees at the show. These publications are specifically designed to connect every visitor with every exhibitor. If you want to make the most out of exhibiting at Pure London then look no further. 

All exhibitors may be contacted directly by Event Guides, concerning their entry into the show publications.

To discuss additional marketing opportunities, including advertising, enhancing your standard text profile or creating a bespoke marketing solution, email Victoria.Karagoz@eventguides.co.uk for more information or call +44 (0)1228 541200 to guarantee that you get yourself noticed.


There are a number of third parties claiming to be collating an exhibitor's directory on behalf of UK exhibitions. Should you be contacted by any of these please ignore their correspondence as this is a scam. The companies in question also claim to be offering online services and use a form which resembles an organiser's free catalogue listing service. 

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