Digital banners, logos and customised VIP invites

Marketing Support

We offer the following Marketing support to help you make the most of your online exposure.

  1.  Get featured in our marketing campaign
  2.  PR support
  3.  Invite your buyers
  4.  Marketing assets


1. Get featured in our marketing campaign

We want to feature your imagery in our email, social, content marketing and PR campaigns to our buyer community.

Upload up to 5 lifestyle shots – beautiful hi-resolution images of your new product ranges.

*Please make sure you name your image: your brand or company name.


2. PR support

Pure London’s dedicated PR team are promoting the show to key media and will be shouting about all the amazing brands and product collections.

Get in touch:

Fran Lister



3. Invite your buyers

Let your Pure London Account Manager know if you would like us to invite your buyers on your behalf. To do this we will ask you to fill out a spreadsheet of their details and we will do the rest.


4. Marketing graphics


Pure London Logo

Pure July 2023 logo negative

Pure July 2023 logo white background

Pure July 2023 logo transparent background

Negative Logo

White Background

Transparent Background