Austin Bodd

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The essentials menswear brand Austin Bodd is a purveyor of British heritage and American inspired culture.The brand was established by two brothers hailing from Manchester. The brands signature collection, Austin Bodd will debut this A/W 2019.

The Austin Bodd man is a persona based on the paradigmatic of one man, one virtue and various styles. The mens' essential line aspires to influence like-minded men who identify with the different typologies of the Austin Bodd man. Upon establishing Austin Bodd the brand, the focus will not only be on offering quality menswear products, such as underwear, loungewear and RTW (to name a few). The focus will also be on interactive customer service by building rapport amongst its shoppers to keep them coming back again and again.

Furthermore, Austin Bodd is already ahead of the fashion curve; they’ve primitively entered the niche market of menswear essentials by offering products that are innovate, durable, comfortable and stylish. By selectively handpicking high quality fabrics, with the best globally-sourced materials;  the brand is able to offer products that will sustain over time without the burden of frequent replacement. In the near future the brand plans to expand further into other European markets and internationally.


United Kingdom


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