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Influenced By the revolutionary 60's and 70's, Bright and Beautiful is a contemporary Brand with a quirky vintage aesthetic. This Autumn / Winter we present new styles featuring bold colours, luxurious fabrics and geek chic infused prints. By combining our bohemian inspiration with retro shapes, this collection offers an enchanting take on current and beautiful trends/

Geek infusion 

As the name suggests, this theme comes infused with the geek chic vibe. Taking inspiration from the 'thinker', this style is infused with popular charm; featuring statement eye-wear, high neck preppy knits and bold plaids.

Our outfits centre around quirky 'mix and match' pattern combinations, which work wonderfully with the Bright and Beautiful berets. Quirky, retro and more importantly harking back to the rebellious intellectualism of the beatniks.

Unexpected Beauty 

This theme is infused with dark, whimsical and lustful richness; luxurious dressing is brought front and centre. Key fabrics include jacquard, velvet, lurex and devore. This style creates a “pieced-together” aesthetic which celebrates opulence. The colour palette for this theme is inspired by twilight, which provides each spectacular piece with a hint of mystery.



This Spring / Summer, Bright and Beautiful present a collection filled with bold colours, quirky summer plaids and vibrant bespoke prints. By combining bohemian inspiration with stunning retro silhouettes, this collection offers an enchanting and unique take on current trends.

Reconnect/ Freedom/ Opportunities

Inspired by the inner “you”, reconnection with “self” and discovering what it is “you” stand for. Featuring bespoke plaids, prints, linen blends, sweet cords and lurex fabrics. These vibrant summer colours pop, with a subtle and exciting twist of bohemian rhapsody meets edgy girl; who doesn’t want to shout in order to be heard!

The raison d'etre of this spectacular collection is 'Love yourself emotionally and openly’, ‘ Stand out, Stand up, Be heard’ and maybe most importantly ‘Embrace and walk the path’...




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