Denner Cashmere

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  • Footwear & Accessories

We are a cashmere manufacturer and our quality is among the finest and softest in the world. Our factory is in a remote area in the Mongolian planes.

Because of the harsh climate, goats grow exceptionally fine white cashmere to protect them from the elements. In the springs, their dense, delicate coast would naturally shed. It's then that Mongolian henders comb the fibre harmlessly from their soft underbellies rather than sheering them. And so continues one of the world's oldest methods of subsistence.

Once this rare cashmere has been collected, only the longest, finest fibres pass our rigorous selection process and are spun into yarn.

Mongolian cashmere has been renowned for centuries. The region's extremely cold, dry climate and combing tradition create some of the very best quality cashmere available - and it's central to the creation of our garments.

With fibres so very fine, our pieces are perfect for year-round wear, making 100% Denner cashmere a really wearable investment for many years to come.




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