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ERODE designs and manufactures ornamental metal articles for the fashion, decoration and cosmetics industries.

We work with reknowned international global luxury brands, providing expertise from design to production and collection needs for leather, textiles and fashion accessories.

Our mainly metal accessories core business embraces quality and standards validated by luxury brands are second to none and we are capable of managing the process of design, cutting, deburring, electroplating and finishing under one roof for almost all of our customers needs, 75km north of Paris.

The work is performed by cutting, stamping, embossing any type of material: tinplate, brass, steel, wood, paper, plastic, rubber …

ERODE's genuine know-how and the efficiency of its computerised production tools enable continual innovating and we use modern laser cutting and engraving machines to reply to small and large quantity requirements with short lead times.

ERODE therefore offers flexibility and reactivity required to meet the expectations of its customers.

Created in 1987, Erode was originally specialised in metal sheet forming for the car industry, the cosmetics industry, the leather goods industry and several other sectors.

In 1996, the introduction of a new sales strategy lead the company to take position on the luxury goods  market. 

15% of the production is exported.

Located in Verberie in the Oise region, just north of Paris the 1500 square meter factory employs 35 highly qualified workers and is equipped with modern and powerful machines.

Please don't hesitate to come and meet us on our stand, the ERODE team will be happy to discuss your needs and hopefully find a solution for you!







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