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Little Nothing – Paula Castro  jewelry brand.

Handmade processes and to use natural raw materials as well as not chemicals and planet friendly materials on the processes are issues very important that I try to achieve.

I privilege ancient and manual technics in contemporary and artistic pieces. So, I work with one of a kind pieces or with small series.

In some of the jewelry pieces are present raw nature elements.  I like to mix nature materials with precious metal (normally silver). I like that mix, because on one hand I like it. On the other hand I pretend to “reinforce” the precious value of nature materials (mountain wood and stones, pergament, silk, linen, porcelain and others).

Emotions, as an aspect of humans are present on the organic character of the pieces.

To contrast with the complexity of the world problems as well on society, companies, relationships and in our inner, I like to work with imperfection, irregularities and simplicity ( for me it is more important to be than to have).

In the “Nature Details” line I use mostly the direct casting technique. So, I use nature elements namely flora.




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