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We are a proud, polish family business, that manufactures knitted hats and scarves of the highest sort. We are proud to have such a sustainable materials as Merino Wool and Cashmere at our disposal to create wide collections of warm and fashionable products.

The mission of our founders was to bring quality knitwear to Polish and Russian markets over 30 years ago, when exclusive production was at it's lowest. Now that we are very well known in central and eastern European parts, we wish to introduce ourselves to the west and where to start if not at the heart of it, in LONDON!


Have a look at our products, we are eager to work, learn and evolve in these exciting times!


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  • Zafferano Scarf

    10 Jan 2020

    Elegant, wide scarf made of cashmere and wool. A blend specially made to order in a Tuscany, Italian filatti.

    Along sides finished with a stylish and delicate seam.It is an incredibly multi purpose womenswear accessory. Fit for winter, autumn and even spring and summer. Available in over 40 colors.

    See more at: www.piumo.pl

  • Tabasco Beanie

    10 Jan 2020

    Made from a mixture of merino wool and cashmere (90/10) ordered from best yarn producers in Italy and knitted in Poland.

    An universal model, in a slightly sporty style, perfect for autumn and winter days but also worn in spring and summertime. 

    See more at: www.piumo.pl

  • Carlo Nero

    10 Jan 2020

    This classical, unisex beanie, is made of almost pure cashmere. We added 5% of merino type wool to enhance it's heating features and durability. 

    Available in over 40 colors!

  • Docker Hat

    26 Nov 2019

    Classical docker hat made of the best Merino Wool (100%). A fashionable and practical product. Available in many, many colors.

    Made out of best quality yard ordered from Italy and knitted in Poland. Durable and firm. You can feel over 30 years of experience in it!

  • Pitti Hat

    26 Nov 2019

    Women's cap made of a blend of yarns. A single-layer model, a beautiful classic stitch with a large color-matching pom-pom. 

    Excellent quality yarn makes the hat soft, nice and very pleasant to the touch.

  • Moon Hat

    26 Nov 2019

    Its from the mountains!

    Comfortable and in a classic form. Warm and durable.

    Decorated on the sides with braids pleasing to the eyes. Yarn with glowing jets.

  • Merino wool and cashmere collection. 
  • These are the products which populate shops and boutiques this winter in biggest cities of central Europe like Warsaw, Budapest and Prague.

  • Loman Cashmere Line

    31 Jan 2020 LOMAN

    Our premium line of cashmere scarves and beanies

  • Knitting Process

    25 Jan 2020 LOMAN

    Out knitting machine in action. This one is knitting a cashmere yarn mixed with a little bit of merino wool. Each model required lots of care and experience to recreate a perfect knitt every time.

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