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MagmaLaB was born in 2012 from the creative union of two artists, Caterina Martinelli and Gaia Guarnieri. In 2014 they gave life to the Aquamadre project, aimed at exploring the creative potentials of reclaimed plastic materials, above all polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

In the following years the project consolidated and evolved, focussing on the design and creation of contemporary jewels. The brand MagmaLaB gioiellicontemporanei diversipernatura (contemporaryjewels differentbynature) was thus born: handmade contemporary jewels, which are the result of research, testing and unique handcrafting. The technique at the basis of our creations is thermoforming, to which we add every time ‘classic’ manufacturing - revisited and evolved in order to make it applicable to plastic materials - such as spinning, engraving, filigree and craquelure, thus enhancing the unexpressed potential of these materials.




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  • Ciclica
    Long necklace. It consists of non concentric circles, one after another, that rotate on different axes, generating an optical effect.
  • Sintesi
    Necklace/Choker. Optical effect and casual look: wearable as a necklace or a choker, due to the adjustable lenght.
  • Evolumìa
    Necklace. An expanding volume that maintains its lightness, almost hanging on thin wires. Each element is free to slide along its wire to move towards different positions
  • Una
    Necklace. Simplicity, entirety and three-dimensionality are the features of this fancy and minimal-style accessory
  • Ora
    Long necklace. Acrobatics & equilibria inspired by the 'balancing rocks' practice. Adjustable lenght.
  • Mantra
    Necklace. Elements that repeat themselves seamlessly, just like in a mantra. It can be worn in different ways: with tighter revolutions or allowing it to drop down.
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