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In 2014, Athena and Sofia Moutaki found themselves contemplating on the usual, ever-recurring question: “What would we like to wear this summer?”

Their answer was the creation of the first Moutaki collection. This collection, which started out as a small one, very soon grew larger and was complimented by accessories, scarves and handbags.

Since that very first collection several others have followed, but the main objective remains the same: a commitment to high quality at all stages of production, from the selection of the fabrics to the quality of the fit.

The owl, a symbol of wisdom (or, in Greek, sophia) in ancient Greece, was considered a sacred bird, linked to the goddess Athena.

The owl in Moutaki is linked to our own names, Athena and Sophia, and our commitment to the taste, design and fit of our collections.

Moutaki is fashion, girly and timeless. It’s time to be Moutaki.




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