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Peace & Chaos is made up of 2 people, the name is inspired by the characteristics of the two.

Nefeli was born and raised in Manchester, England. This indie influence in Music & Fashion always inspired Nefeli and is reflected in her work & tastes. Studying Graphic Design & Textile Print at Manchester Metropolitan University gave her the inspiration she needed to start her career. From fashion to various music scenes in the UK are both a strong element in her passion for this industry.

Dimitris is a Print Designer with 15 years experience in Textile Print design. He started off in his teens as a Graffiti Artist and illustrator sketching all sorts. With a rock background his style was always slightly alternative.

Nefeli & Dimitris met in the field of Fashion in 2007. They worked alongside each other at a leading Greek Fashion Company as a team, this position was perfect for Nefeli as it was a combination of all her interests in one : Fashion, Graphic Design & Textile print. They worked very well together inspiring each other with ideas and creativity. Print was their passion and the specific workplace allowed them the freedom to grow, learn and be creative. Experimenting with various concepts and ideas that they created.
Dimitri then moved on to another leading Greek production company and became an expert in the production side as well as the creative experience he had already gained.

In the meantime they became a couple, then decided to challenge themselves and create the brand that really represents who they are and their roots.
Dimitri & Nefeli started Peace & Chaos completely on their own with small steps and big passion. From the first collection the ball started rolling and they are now in boutiques all over Greece & Cyprus.

Peace & Chaos are constantly evolving, always inspired by print as this is where their expertise, speciality and passion lay. Keeping up to date with the freshest trends and they always have a boho sharp, wild child twist to their style.




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