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We are two brands exhibiting together. PAR is a contemporary sock brand and MÍKKE is a women clothing brand focused on collared shirts. 

PAR is a contemporary sock brand that was born out of collaboration between a pair of friends. When translated to English PAR means PAIR. Pair of feet, a pair of socks, a pair of friends and this led us to Theory of Two as everything is better in two. 

Produced locally, in controlled conditions, our socks are made from soft cotton blend with an emphasis on comfort and functionality. Our product development starts with research, people and their differences, things that inspire us and from there we think how to apply that inspiration to a sock. In design process, we think about people, who would wear it, how would they style it and this gives us a perspective before we make a sample.

We established PAR with an aim to make high quality socks for men and women with focus on design, as we believe quality and design are mutually inclusive. Through our patterns and colours we spread the creativity and design thinking that takes place behind our brand.

MÍKKE is a clothing brand focusing on collared shirts. Our collared shirt collection is all-year round because we believe our pieces deserve longer life cycles than a season. Míkke’s studio and showroom is located in the downtown district of Belgrade called Dorćol, while the production is tucked away in the country town of Ivanjica . The vibe of the downtown life and the lifestyle of the busy woman working and enjoying city life is a big inspiration for our brand, the production we chose to do in a town that has had a long tradition of tailoring collared shirts. 

When we design our collared shirts, we feel each model has a personality similar to the individual that chooses to wear our pieces. Collared shirts have a way of giving one more attitude, power, protection, elegance, and/or funk and we are inspired to design pieces that  our customers can identify with. 

For fun once in a while we sometimes add other products to our collection that go smoothly with our year round collection.




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  • Slavimir & Olja, a husband and a wife pair. We wanted to portray their love story as it is, genuine and strong. 

  • Nami & Lars - a restaurant pair. They are friends and business partners and they both have unique fashion expressions. 

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