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Zell, after a 3-year study, was established officially in 2014, and It was named after the founder and chief designer of the brand Zelal Kocakelçi Ögün who was born in 1980.

For Zell which means “Pure and Clean”, all the women have the same spirit: they all desire to feel that they are unique and beautiful and so the essence of the fashion is to be able to satisfy this desire which is universal to all women of all places and times. Therefore, Zell’s mission is to try to create unique portfolios with the same soul that conform with this essence and hence to satisfy the desire of women to feel unique and beautiful by melting also aesthetics of diverse cultures from all around the world. To achieve this mission, Zell adopts a “Haute Couture” style that yields to this universal aesthetic concern, by it’s three range of products including Daily, Cocktail and Night Dresses. 





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