Fall Winter 2019 Ginger

08 Jan 2019 by: Compañia Fantastica Compania Fantastica - TCA Showroom

GINGER Fall Winter 19




An ode to the unique personality and independence, represented by the figure of a red-haired woman is the thread that runs through the collection.


Red-haired women represent the 2% of the population and were considered witches in the past. “Witch power” is a motto used in current times as a symbol of female empowerment, a challenge to the social norms through strong-willed, confident and powerful women. Women that were condemned for being different in the past and are now reborn full of magic, brightness and self-determination.


The GINGER collection’s name was born inspired by a woman who is different and has a strong personality, at the same time, she embraces the revitalizing properties of the millenary ginger plant and makes them her own. Known by its multiple beneficial properties, it connects with the idea of a fashion that’s therapeutic, energizing and positive.


Singularity, vitality, 70’s inspiration and references to the Scottish tradition are the bases that build a collection filled with colorful prints, floral and geometric patterns that blend playfully to create modern and slightly nostalgic looks. Its goal is to create a wardrobe that is fun and easy to wear for every woman, at any moment of the day or the night.


An injection of energy and color in the middle of the cold weather.

Betting on the differentiation from the masses.

The modernity of nostalgia.

Red in the snow.

Witch power!



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