Introducing all new fashionable PopSockets PopGrips and PopTops

08 Feb 2019 Popsockets




Introducing the all-new PopGrip with changeable PopTops from PopSockets


A PopSockets PopGrip is a small, customisable, and highly functional phone accessory that easily sticks to the back of your phone, or phone case, making everyday phone activities that little bit easier.


As an evolution of the original model, the all-new PopSockets PopGrip takes the functionality of its predecessor but allows users the luxury to swap and change the face – making sure there’s a PopTop to match any occasion.


With an already huge organic userbase among Hollywood celebrities and artists; including Kendall Jenner, Serena Williams, Gigi Hadid and Emma Roberts, the introduction of the new PopSockets PopGrip with changeable PopTops is now set to take over as the hottest new phone accessory.


Use it as a grip – avoid dropping your phone by using the extending socket to give you additional grip, for when you’re one-hand texting or just using your device on the move


Use it as a stand – tired of propping your phone up against something to watch your favourite programmes? Extend the Pop Grip to prop up your device and watch shows without interruption


Use it as a mount – there are two different mounts available; a moveable and adjustable mount that a PopGrip slots into, or a flat surface mount that allows you to stick your device to any surface


Use it to express yourself – the all-new PopGrip allows you to swap, pop and collect new PopTops, giving you a new and fashionable design for every occasion.


Simple, fashionable, practical, affordable, and most importantly compatible with all mobile devices, PopSockets PopGrip and PopTop ranges start from just £9.99 on


Created in 2010 by David Barnett, 2018’s EY Entrepreneur of the Year, and launching in the US in 2014, PopSockets has now sold over 40 million products to date in over 40 countries. This year, PopSockets was also highlighted as the second fastest growing company in the US by INCmagazine. 


The PopSockets brand continues to evolve, brining customers new and innovative ways to express themselves through their smartphones. The range includes all-new PopWallets and the limited edition Swarovski festive range – all available


Whether you have a PopSockets Grip for practicality, or just want to express yourself that little bit further, there’s something for everyone.


For more information please contact:


Marketing & Branding Director EMEA

Jani Hermansson

[email protected]


Sales Director UK

Stephen Hoare

[email protected]




Notes to editors:


About PopSockets

David Barnett is the founder and CEO of PopSockets. He was a philosophy major at Emory, a physics major at University of Colorado Boulder, received his PhD in philosophy from NYU, and from 2005-2015 was a philosophy professor at University of Colorado Boulder. His research specialised in philosophy of language and philosophy of mind, before he reached enlightenment, stopped doing philosophy, and became an entrepreneur. 


In 2010, Barnett was looking for a way to stop his earbud cord from getting tangled, and he achieved this by gluing two buttons to the back of his phone and wrapping the earbud cord around the buttons. As ugly as the buttons were, they worked. In the course of improving on the idea, he developed about 60 different prototypes, making the buttons expand and collapse via an accordion mechanism, so that they could function as both a stand and a grip. In 2012, Barnett launched a KickStarter campaign for an iPhone case that would have two PopSockets grips integrated into the case. In addition to getting successfully funded, the KickStarter campaign enabled Barnett to show the world his dancing prowess. Two years later, in 2014, Barnett launched the business out of his garage in Boulder, Colorado, and has subsequently sold over 40 million PopSockets grips around the world. 


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