Knight shoes brand

30 May 2019 by: A. Meireles José André & Ca. Lda

José André & Ca. Lda started in the shoe industry in 1935 in Guimarães. Since its beginning it has been conquering markets. First the Portuguese market and, after joining to the European Community, the international markets.

It has in its portfolio the brands Amortex that was developed for comfort footwear, J. André, destined for an urban public that follows fashion trends.

In celebration of its 75th anniversary, it invested in the commencement of the brand Knight Shoes, this one, it is directed to a more demanding segment in terms of raw materials employed and where the true art of producing footwear is evident.

In addition to its own brands, the company offers the know-how to renowned international brands in the most demanding and diverse markets.

Over eighty years of experience, combined with the skills, the know-how and the latest advances in technology, allow us to manufacture miniseries with very short deadlines. Our versatility makes possible the production of boots for equestrian and ballroom dance shoes. We also have the advantage of being able to offer in certain shapes the production capacity of sizes up to 52.

In short, we combine the experience of many years with the required versatility of the present times.

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