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07 Feb 2019 by: Paula Castro Little Nothing
  • The brand Little Nothing – Paula Castro was born in April 2013, in Porto – Portugal.
  • It’s me (Paula Castro) the only one worker. So, I do and I make everything.
  • My academic background is a Degree in Psychology. I worked twenty seven years as Consultant and as People Manager in industrial companies.
  • In the Summer 2013 I decided to change my professional life.Since ever, art was something that I was attracted to and I liked to make “things”.

           I went to school to learn how to make jewellery and       after  the technic I have been attending several workshops with Lucy Saarnel, Benedick Fischer, Vivi Touloumidi and Gustave Paradiso.

Since the first class, I knew that the kind of jewels and objects I would make would be with nature raw elements. Moreover, the pieces would make me feel good and in peace with myself (working accordingly with my values and believes).

  • Features of my work are: organic, simple, natural, emotional, imperfect, asymmetric, irregular, poetic, diverse, movement and one of a kind. 
  • I like that my clients can identify themselves with the pieces they wear. So, a piece may be a sign of their individuality. 
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