01 Mar 2021

FROMSOIL "She Sells Sea Shells"


This story begins deep down the ocean, where endless treasure of spectacular marine life lies hidden. To bring out the true colors and livelinessof sea life on our canvas, we chose different shades of white, handpicking the soft, light & delicate fabrics, a gentle touch of which, can define naturalunclad comfort.

After hand sketching and painting hundreds of motifs straight from the seabottom, a time that took us back to childhood innocence, began the longjourney leading to the old lanes of incredible Jaipur, India. A city of ratherunparalleled royal & artisanal heritage, a quintessence of which, you willfind embedded in all the dresses of this story. From carefully carving thedelicate characters of our story on wooden blocks, to bringing tens of those blocks together one by one, to get a single square foot of impression, the rigorous process brought out the most commendable complexities of hand block printing.

Back to our studio, our team of invaluable hand embroiders and dressmakers play with their needles making thousands of twists & knots hour after the other, marking every last stroke of colors, delicate lace details and real seashells ornamentation, to the final pieces of art, sewing in their very heart and soul with each one of them.


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