Empowering Communities and Engaging Generations: Thriving as Independent Retailers in the Modern Era

16 Jul 2023
Olympia Catwalk
Join us for an insightful panel discussion moderated by Jill Geoghegan, Editor at Drapers, as she engages with two successful independent retailers, Shirley Leader from Velvet and Rose and Abigail Edmunds of Domino Style. The session will explore the evolving landscape of independent retail in the post-pandemic era and shed light on the strategies employed by these retailers to connect with their local communities, effectively utilize social media, engage with Gen Z and millennial consumers, overcome industry challenges, and identify growth opportunities.
Jill Geoghegan, Editor - Drapers
Abigail Edmunds, Founder - Domino Style
Shirley Leader, Director & Owner - Velvet and Rose
Lesley Farrow, Owner - Niche boutique
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