• Take a look at some of the industry trends that have been affected by the lockdown. 
  • What you should be doing to make sure your shop is “Covid Secure” in time for opening day on 15th June. 
  • To celebrate the launch of our Staying Social webinar series with the experts at SocialB, we’ve pulled together a few of our own top tips on using social media in a new way during the lockdown.
  • Pandemic-proofing your retail business

    04 May 2020 Bukola Dagiloke, Global Fashion Marketplace
    In a time where many factories, suppliers and retailers have put a pause on “business as usual”, finding new meaning in the word productivity is crucial.
  • We’ve put together a list of some of the essential resources to help you steer your business through this difficult time.
  • Consumer behaviour and the state of retail in the pandemic era

    06 Apr 2020 Bukola Dagiloke, Global Fashion Marketplace
    AW20/21 speaker, Bukola Dagiloke shares her insights into changing consumer behaviour during and following the pandemic. 

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