Season 3 Desiderium Collection

Isabelle Pennington Edmead Hall: Grand Ground Stand: D06

Isabelle’s third collection ‘Desiderium’ is a continuation on from her second collection ‘Nostalgia’. Desiderium shares the continuous inspirations and themes as her previous collection inspired by homecoming and nostalgia taking inspiration from homes in the Caribbean with contrasting British-Caribbean diaspora themes. This collection is created by combining the lessons learnt on her master’s from Manchester School of Art and her time spent on the Modern Artisan programme. Desiderium is an elevated take on the Nostalgia collection which more knowledge on sustainability and artisanal hand craftmanship are incorporated.

Signature to Isabelle Pennington-Edmead the garment's silhouettes celebrate unapologetic femininity a constant in Isabelle’s ideals and designs. The collection proceeds to celebrate colour and print design, all prints are unique to the brand hand drawn and painted by Isabelle. With awareness of climate change and global unpredictable temperatures as with all previous collections, Isabelle’s collections remain seasonless with the hope to be worn throughout the year over and over. Classic, vibrant pieces created without trends as a priority. All fabrics are high-quality natural fibres and smart fabrics printed sustainably and sourced in the UK. All garments are ethically manufactured by Isabelle herself in the North-west of England.

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