09 Feb 2018

60 seconds with Sophia Alexia

What does London mean to you in 3 words?

Diverse, Vibrant, Fashion

Where in London do you like to shop?

I love quirky and interesting places that sell unique and creative things such as Anthropologie. I am also a big fan of Graham and Green. Both places remind me of Aladdin’s Cave full of treasures waiting to be discovered.

Who is your favourite British designer?

It would have to be Mathew Williamson for his injection of vibrant colour within his deigns. His creation of unique prints and stand-out embelishments are a real inspiration for me.

 If you could wear one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?

It would have to be a colourful silk kaftan. Not only are they loose fitting and comfortable to wear but they can easily take you from day to night in a matter of seconds.  Silk is also seen to be the most luxurious of fabrics so I will always feel special wearing silk.

What item of clothing do you have that makes you happy?

My own Sophia Alexia silk Ibiza dress in my signature print“Aqua Pebbles” print. It was the very first print I designed and developed into an item of clothing. It was the start of my fashion collection. Whenever I see people wearing it, it creates a sense of nostalgia as it takes me back to that time when it all began.  Turquoise also happens to be my favourite colour, so that makes me happy too!

If Fashion was an emotion what would it be?

Excited -  there is so much excitement that surrounds fashion. It can be interpreted in lots of different ways, and is unique and personal to each individual. It creates emotion, and is a way for people to express themselves through colour, pattern and style. Fashion is ever changing and it also has no boundaries and I think that’s pretty exciting!

What is your most memorable fashion moment?

There have been quite a few, but one that springs to mind was recently when my Liquid Rainbow silk Ibiza dress was recently spotted on an episode of  “Made in Chelsea”. It was exciting to see, having had no previous knowledge that it was going to be worn. It was a great surprise. Also strange thinking that my design was being broadcast to the whole of the UK.

Where do you find inspiration for your collection?

A lot of my inspiration comes from places I have been to. I really enjoy travelling and have been very fortunate enough to have visited some amazing places. I love photography and find taking pictures really helpful for creating ideas and developing new prints.  Having grown up in the Mediterranean (Cyprus and Mallorca, Spain) I feel that this has given me an understanding of culture and perhaps where my love of colour first began.   

Colour is a big part of my work. I love using bright colours through my designs as I feel it creates a sense of joy and happiness in people as it reminds them of holidays and happy times in the sun.

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