06 Dec 2022

What are the key colours for Autumn/Winter 2024-25?


For Sebastien Renault, previously in charge of the Artistic Direction of Promostyl, our former Parisian trends forecasting partner, "colours come from heritage, luxury craftsmanship, classic and iconic luxury wardrobe pieces with some traditional English references, and inspiration from the equestrian world. That is why we call that colour universe: Nobleness”.

However, he adds that all are boldly revisited with some streetwear, preppy codes, and the street art universe.


Nobleness inspiration

First, the range is inspired by the iconic and timeless colours of sumptuous luxury houses of the equestrian domain, such as the orange of Hermès and the green and brown of Gucci.

Other colours come from traditional English references synonym with good taste, referring to tartan, velvet, houndstooth and the Prince of Wales check, popularised by King Edward VIII...

This colour range contains flannel grey, grass green, shades of brown, orange terracotta, and dark blue.

Sebastien Renault emphasises that these classic English colours are modernised by touches of fantasy related to the world of preppy style and street art, with shades of pink, soothing blue, terracotta, bright red, grass green and brown. 

He also addresses another aspect of this theme, more linked to well-being. Colours are cosier and more soothing.

This colour range is inspired by spas and homes adorned with beautiful and delicate materials, where one wears loungewear or more formally but with sports codes. It contains beige, light grey, soft pink, natural browns, inspired by wood, and sky blue.

Sebastien Renault concludes that Nobleness reflects a desire to reconnect with traditions and to take care of oneself through these colours, as a way of reassuring and preserving oneself from a world in crisis, with an uncertain future.



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