22 Nov 2018

Pure presents ... Paul James Knitwear

Pure presents ... Paul James Knitwear

Paul James Knitwear, Bhavik Master, Director

1.What product(s) / services will you be showcasing at Pure Origin? 
Natural Fibre Knitwear and Accessories 

2. What is one thing that your company does to be more sustainable/ aims to do? 
We focus on manufacturing garments made from pure natural fibres – wool, cotton, and cashmere etc. 

3. Why is London important to you? 
London has the eclectic mix of creativity and an audience who thrives off this 

4. What influences your product the most? 
The quality of the fibre 

5. Describe London in 4 words 
An evolving creative hub


Find out more at: https://www.pauljamesknitwear.com/pages/bespoke-uk-knitwear-manufacturer


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