18 Apr 2024

Unlocking Social Media Success: Insights from Amy Hobson, Social B at Pure London x JATC

Among the many insightful sessions at February’s Pure London x JATC was Amy Hobson’s masterclass on ‘Using Social Media for Business with Limited Resource’. Part of Social B, Amy’s presentation offered practical strategies for businesses grappling with the challenges of social media marketing within resource limitations, providing valuable insights for industry professionals.


Understanding the Algorithm

Amy debunked the myth of outsmarting algorithms, stressing the need to align with them. Instead of futile attempts to "beat the system," she advocated for understanding how engagement fuels content curation. Businesses were encouraged to focus on creating content that resonates with their audience, thereby increasing engagement and visibility.


Optimal Posting Times

One of Amy's key insights was the importance of posting at the right times for your specific audience. Rather than following generic advice, she urged businesses to experiment and analyse their own audience's behaviour to determine the most effective posting schedule.


Platform-Specific Strategies

Amy emphasised tailoring content for each platform. For example, while Instagram may favour Reels and Stories, Facebook's culture might require a different approach. By understanding the nuances of each platform, businesses can maximise their reach and engagement.


Creating Shareable Content

Amy highlighted the power of shares as the highest form of recognition in the algorithm. Businesses were encouraged to create content that inspires sharing, such as engaging stories, questions, polls or Friday funnies. By tapping into what resonates with their audience, businesses can increase their content's visibility and impact.


Repurposing Content

Amy's advice on repurposing content was practical and efficient. By creating content with repurposing in mind, businesses can multiply their output without additional resources. For example, a single blog post can be transformed into multiple social media posts, stories and even newsletters, extending its lifespan and reach.


Utilising Google Analytics (GA4)

Amy stressed the importance of analytics in understanding audience behaviour and refining strategies. Specifically, she highlighted GA4 as a powerful tool for tracking website performance, audience demographics and conversion metrics. Businesses were encouraged to leverage this data to optimise their social media efforts and drive tangible results.


In conclusion, Amy's session provided attendees with specific, actionable strategies to elevate their social media marketing efforts. By understanding algorithms, posting strategically, tailoring content to each platform, creating shareable content, repurposing content efficiently and leveraging analytics, businesses can maximise their impact on social media, even with limited resources.


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