07 Feb 2024

BrolleyMate - Using fashion to reduce consumer waste

BrolleyMate Hall: Grand Gallery Stand: J23
BrolleyMate - Using fashion to reduce consumer waste
Be smart - look good - don't lose your umbrella - reduce waste - help the planet - feel great - BrolleyMate.!!
BrolleyMate is proud and excited to be part of Pure London x JATC, February 2024.

BrolleyMate is a new, curveball, very ambitious brand. This is our 1st ever show, possibly premature, but nevertheless we want to blast our message about using fashion to help reduce consumer waste in order to save the planet.

Our mission, to start with, is to empower consumers to prevent the loss and damage of umbrellas, thereby helping to minimise the 1.1 billion umbrellas lost or discarded to landfills and oceans every year worldwide. We want to be their best friend, come rain-or-shine, and help them achieve this with us. Carrying an umbrella minimises loss or damage, plus the emotional tie, difference, fashion, quality, and benefits of our cases add attachment and mindfulness to both items.

Yes, we're aiming to be a sustainable fashion business on the industry side, but essentially, we want the consumer side involved too and this is the message we're bringing to the show and to the industry – use fashion to get people actively or inherently helping the planet, even if the outcome is non-fashion related. Consumer waste is just as much of an issue as industrial waste, if not more.

Our goal will continue and diversify over time to include various other innovations from stylish umbrella handbags, totes, and satchels, designer drag-free invert-fee umbrellas, to tailorless modular rainwear. All designed to prevent loss, damage and/or replacements, thus reducing material waste and the latter targeting the reduction of 4.5 million tonnes of rainwear wasted every year worldwide.

We may be wet behind the ears, but we're not naive. Our products have international patents granted and pending, and any new ideas we have are prepared and filed accordingly.

We still have much to do and learn. Stick with us, we're on an exciting journey and there will be a lot of ingenuity, surprises, highs-and-lows, with fun and joy to boot.


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