11 Jan 2024

Solutions for the Overstocked - Innovative Rental Scheme in Economic and Environmental Challenges

Tina Aileen Hall: Grand Ground Stand: E33
Solutions for the Overstocked - Innovative Rental Scheme in Economic and Environmental Challenges
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Tina Aileen is launching Clothing Rental scheme with sister brand Tunalien, that aims to reduce waste for individuals and overstock issue for retailers, as well as bring them economic gain.

London, 11 January, 2024 - In the midst of a turbulent economic landscape marked by inflation impacting the UK, Tina Aileen introduces an initiative aimed at addressing the financial hurdles faced by households while staying true to their brand identity for sustainable fashion. Recent statistics underscore the prevailing challenge: only a mere 20% of the average wardrobe items are utilised, with elegant evening gowns worn once on average and the increase in the trend of renting clothes through various fashion rental platforms and the lucrative opportunities it presents for individuals lending out their wardrobes.

This scheme helps women and communities benefit financially by making high-end fashion more accessible while contributing to the sustainable cause in the environmental issue surrounding the fashion economy. With this in mind, Tina acknowledges the potential to unlock assets and generate additional income streams, and rental apparel was predicted to be worth £142m by 2022, growing by 62% in 2023. The process will be done by Tina Aileen's sister brand, Tunalien which focuses on upcycling items for environmental and humanity purposes will help streamline the project in the future.

Recognising the need for transformative change, Tina helps empower individuals to rent out their possessions and earn from them. At the same time, we will handle the intricacies of marketing, stocking, cleaning and maintenance of the product in the agreed rental period. In addition, we are keen to form partnership with retailers to overcome the major issue of overstocking which over 62% of retailers in the UK are dealing with. This transformative scheme will not only help the community but also the retailers and tackle environmental issues.

The scheme offers flexibility with a minimum commitment of six months, allowing participants the option to reclaim their items or opt for upcycling, where we will take charge of resale and profit-sharing. This presents an unparalleled opportunity for individuals and retailers to contribute to a sustainable fashion economy while earning supplementary income.

Stay tuned for further information on how to participate in this scheme and join the movement towards a more financially inclusive society. The scheme will be launched officially in the Spring 2024. Newsletter sign up link: https://shorturl.at/bgMR9

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A sustainable brand founded during the Covid lockdown boredom intends to keep people smiling by translating little things we encounter in life into designs.

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