aModa España (Confederation of Spanish Fashion Companies) created in 2013 and chaired by Angel Asensio, aims to bring together the entire fashion value chain in our country.

The Spain Fashion Confederation is a large institutional platform created and supported by different institutions of the fashion sector in Spain; that go from the design, the preparation and the manufacture, to the distribution and sale.

Fashion as another form of communication is a definition of how we face life. Fashion is a game, fun, security, profession, art... For each person there is a definition depending on the perspective that he wishes to give it. In Spain, in Spanish fashion, its definition is Duende, it is Expression, Capacity and Diversity. One of the most observed shop windows if we look at our country from an international prism, the prism from which the Spain Fashion Confederation is the magnifying glass that increases and projects the gazes broadening horizons from and for Spanish fashion.

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