Beyond Graduation: Navigating Realities and Embracing Opportunities in Fashion with Graduate Fashion Foundation

13 Feb 2024
Olympia Catwalk
Embark on a journey into the post-graduation landscape of the fashion world with Graduate Fashion Foundation. Our diverse panel, featuring recent graduates' success stories and industry leaders who emerged from GFW, will explore the highs and lows of life after graduation. From self-employment to industry integration, we'll discuss varied career paths, aiming to provide students with a realistic understanding of the fashion industry. Join us for an insightful discussion that offers practical insights to empower emerging talents as they step into the vibrant world of fashion. 
Megan Doyle, Associate Director - Graduate Fashion Foundation
Isabella Silvers, Freelance Journalist
Joy Julius, Fashion Designer
Mathushaa Sagthidas, Fashion Photographer
Sophie Soar, Commercial Features Editor - Business of Fashion
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