Optimizing Fashion Futures: The Importance of AI and Finance Management for Success in Retail

12 Feb 2024
Olympia Catwalk
Embark on a visionary journey with Anton Dell, Founder of FNAD, as he unveils groundbreaking insights into the future of branding and marketing in the retail landscape. In this illuminating session, discover how emerging trends, cutting-edge technologies, and consumer behaviours will reshape the way brands connect with their audience. Anton will share strategic approaches to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring your brand not only survives but thrives in the dynamic and ever-evolving retail marketplace. 
Anton Dell, Founder - FNAD
Mark Boloten, Co-Founder - FashionNetAntonDell
Frans Van der Hoorn, Managing Director - MODINT Credit & Finance
Peter Fun, Head of Partnerships - WAIR
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