Kalkidan Legesse

Kalkidan Legesse

Kalkidan is a social entrepreneur who creates businesses aimed at doing social good. In 2014 she founded Scarves For Sustainable and quadrupled the income of weavers in rural Ethiopia by taking their product to the world market. In 2015 she founded Sancho's Shop, a marketplace of ethical brands, operating as one of the largest solely ethical and sustainable fashion retailers in the United Kingdom. In 2018 she launched the Slow Fashion Show, the largest event in the South West focusing on educating and inspiring the local community to create businesses and organisations rooted in sustainability. In 2021 she launched OWNI, a digital resale platform for sustainable fashion brands. OWNI facilitates circularity by enabling retailers of all sizes to manage and monetise the lifespan of the products they sell. OWNI’s mission is to give retailers the tools to be more environmentally and financially sustainable. To navigate changing consumer trends and the growing need to adopt Net Zero practices.