Costurero Real

Hall: Grand Ground Stand: H82

'Costurero Real' is a fashion brand based in Barcelona, Spain. Inspired in nature and fairytales our designs combine beauty and handmade, in an unique and original way.
On 2008 Alassie, the main designer, opened a blog about costumes for Theatre, Opera or Cinema called 'Costurero Real' (The Royal Taylor). That was the start for this beautiful adventure of creativity and fashion.

Today, we are a team who sew, design and ship everything with care and love.

We are speciallist in fantasy costumes, and fairytale inspired fashion, creating our own fabrics with custom designs.



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  • This bodice is made in 2 layers of beatiful fabric.  No bonning, very confortable to wear.  You can wear it completely closed or partialy open, with lacing in the front and in the back.  Bust Size: (f ...
  • Fabric: synthetic wool in red colour, perfect for winter or night events! This cape is 60cm long on the front and 70cm on the back
  • This lovely pin is based in an amanita muscaria Mushroom. It's a soft enamel pin. Size 4cm x 3,5cm 2 pins in the back
  • A hair barrette created from high quality leather, this original design is hand cut, carved. Available in three colours: green, yellow and red. This classic barrette comes with a wood stick.
  • This beautiful skirt is made with our special pattern. The fabric is a stretch strong scuba knit with our own design printed on it. Very confy and soft. The skirt is stretchy so will acomodate very ni ...
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  • Price for a pair of Raven skull earrings make in resin and handpainted. Is not a real bird skull, is fake taxidermy, 100% vegan. 2 colors avalaible
  • A hair barrette created from high quality vegan leather, this original design is hand cut, carved. This classic barrette comes with a Wood stick. 11cmx8cm Wood stick 13cm
  • This original Candle is made with Parafine and smell like licorice and Halloween treats Is made with white layer of paraffin on top of red with mica powders, so it is like bleeding when it melt. The r ...
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