Dera Giyim

Hall: Hall 1 Stand: PO-D120

DERA GİYİM, which was established in İzmir-Turkey in 2013, is an international textile company that has achieved high success in export, import and even domestic sales, embodying the modern and eye-catching magnificence of fashion. Deragiyim has been producing Trousers, Shorts, Denim, Skirt, Jean, for men and women for years and exporting products to several textile companies in Europe which are DRYKORN (Germany), HERBIE FROG (Ireland), VICOMTE ALLURE (France); STATE OF ART and SILVER CREEK (Holland); NAVY GREEN (Greece), DOUGLAS (Ireland) and REISS and SPOKE (England).

By its innovative aspect, Dera Giyim continues on its way with the vision of quality production and timely delivery in the domestic and foreign markets. Therefore, all the products we produce are compatible with the European standards. In the production process of Deragiyim company, also the latest technologies are used as automation and special machines.



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