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Hall: Grand Ground Stand: H28

Eno is the first brand of its kind to enter the fashion sphere, offering more stylish, sustainable alternatives after a single mastectomy. The brand promotes choice and self-acceptance through innovative designs that perfectly fit the flat sided chest: whether a person chooses to wear a prosthesis, undergo a reconstruction or live their life with one breast, every individual should be able to feel liberated, confident and feminine just like our co-founder.

Florence had inflammatory breast cancer a few years back. She went through the rollercoaster of treatments, decided not to have a reconstruction and not to wear a prosthesis. She could not find a bra she liked for her flat sided chest – she then called her friend and business partner to be: Marta!

Together, the two friends conceived of the idea to launch Eno: a sustainable and forward-thinking brand that promises to empower single-breasted people with timeless, unilateral mastectomy  bras and swimwear that fit perfectly and will be fashionable forever.

Eno is a space where people and planets work together, all as one


United Kingdom


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