Hall: Hall 1 Stand: B66-08

All creative processes start with a rhythm. The Federico Price project rises from an uptempo. It originated in 2014, in the narrow streets and alleys of Palermo’s old neighborhoods bustling with excitement and incessant activity. Federico Price brings to the table unmatched craftsmanship and extensive geography.
We enjoy the art of combining and reinventing exotic fabrics, hides, leather and fine skins from all over the world in a musical-like composition: African tribal moods, hints of old Russia military, exuberant notes of Uzbekistan. If the mood is the Far East, we cast the spell: you can hear the swish of the kimonos’silk in our Japanese handbags collection.
Sustainability is a priority. We at Federico Price are proud to repurpose material and fabrics combining in a new geography where East-meets-West, South-meets-North. A melting pot composite reflecting our social scenario. We are a dedicated team bursting with enthusiasm and ideas. Our goal is to create a continuing magic that will amuse and bemuse.
Federico Price


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