Fukushin Co., Ltd

Hall: Hall 1 Stand: PO-F120

In a small town in the Japanese countryside, we make gloves and other accessories in the hope that people can enjoy the changing seasons in comfort. To reduce our environmental impact and help preserve these seasons for future generations, we incorporate the use of recycled and organic materials, along with natural dyes, and aim to make high-quality, timeless products the can be used and loved for years to come.


Kagawa Prefecture,


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  • These five-fingered knit gloves are made with recycled materials, and come in simple, timeless designs. Slits in the the thumb and forefinger allow touchscreen use, and the elasticity of the materials ...
  • These tabi sock allow for greater freedom of movement of the toes while still being easy to put on, made with 100% organic cotton to ensure superior comfort. Available in a range of delicate colours, ...
  • This luxuriously soft T-shirt is made from 100% organic cotton, and the range of delicate colours is produced using only natural waste materials, eliminating the need for chemical dyes. 
  • These stylish knit accessories will keep you hands warm while allowing free use of your fingers. Choose between two colours, or extend to give protection for your forearm. Made with care in the Japane ...
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  • A line of summer accessories in timeless designed, carefully crafted in the hope that they will be used and loved for years to come. Made with organic materials using 100% renewable energy, and dyed u ...
  • A line of winter accessories in timeless designs, designed and crafted in the hope that they will be used and loved for years to come. Made from recycled materials using 100% renewable energy, to help ...
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