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Keep out bracelets is an Italian brand born in 2014 from the inspiration of Stefania Gagliardone, an Italian entrepreneur who was fascinated by the ancient legend linked to the thimble, the object that for 4200 years has been used to sew, while protecting the fingers. An ambitious project of jewelry in gold, silver and precious stones, patented worldwide by one of the most prestigious Italian law firms.

Our story is so strong that it goes through the centuries, and makes our jewels unique and inimitable. Receiving a thimble as a gift, means that the giver wishes that the difficulties of life will not prick you. A wish of luck, protection and love.

A thimble is in every house, and this makes Keep out universal.



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  • The Crystal bracelet is closed by a silk thread with tassels and consists of small hard stones among which a small silver thimble comes out. ¬† Light, colourful and slightly iridescent: Crystal is perf ...
  • The Bikini bracelet is designed to keep you going through the summer: its vibrant colours invite you to wear your swimsuit and flip-flops right away! Made in Italy like all Keep Out products, the Biki ...
  • The Basic bracelet is the first product born in Keep Out and the affection we have for it has remained unchanged. It's a streamlined, elegant piece, perfect to be worn alone or matched with the Basic ...
  • The Keeppini are small fairy tale characters belonging to a single family that comes from an enchanted city, Keepoutland. Like every character in fairy tales, each of them has a name and surname, a ro ...
  • The Magic Thread is a cotton bracelet with a ritual, making it the guardian of a secret or shared special wish! Follow the instructions in the box and, if you want, put the Magic Thread in the core of ...
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  • We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But if that drop were not there, I think the ocean would be less by that missing drop. (Mother Teresa of Calcutta)
  • Keep Out jewels are created with love and represent an invitation to look at life with curious, open, confident eyes. You can do it too, and the world will look more beautiful to you. ¬†
  • Keep Out and Made in Italy are an inseparable combination: since its foundation, the company has consolidated around itself a supply chain that is the result of thinking, considerations and values.
  • Shot is lightweight, soft and colourful: it is made from a silicone obtained from recycled polymers. Available in different colours, this is patented by Keep Out. The bracelet has a standard diameter, ...
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