La Fee Maraboutee

Hall: Hall 1 Stand: B32

Since 1996, La Fée Maraboutée has drawn its creativity from a sense of
wanderlust and cultural crossover, as well as from its own customers.
The name La Fée Maraboutée speaks of a ‘spellbound fairy’, one who
both enchants and is themselves enchanted, in a juxtaposition of opposites
that reflects the brand’s collections: unfailingly eclectic, lavish and
unexpected, yet all imbued with a natural and effortless femininity. The
collections are mainly made in Europe, and about 25% are developed
from eco-designed materials.
In 2020 La Fée Maraboutée created a line dedicated exclusively to its
multi-brand customers: La Fée Maraboutée Atelier.
The Brand is distributed throughout 20 countries and 860 points of sale.



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