Magnolia Pearl

Hall: Grand Ground Stand: B25

Not every story is written in words...

Robin Brown, Magnolia Pearl’s creator and designer, speaks in thread, her mother tongue. Piecing together a life of discarded scraps and torn fragments, Brown built Magnolia Pearl out of sheer hope. Formally launched in 2002, what has grown over the years from these humble beginnings is nothing short of a miracle.

The gratitude and awe in the wake of such wonder are woven into each Magnolia Pearl garment, clothing intended to grace the vastness of the human expression with an eye to sustainability and ease of movement.

Magnolia Pearl aims to attire all with a sense of integrity and lightness, resilience, and bewilderment.

Each Magnolia Pearl piece itself is a story.

The kind you think you know inside-out but find new details revealed with each telling. Snippets of fairy tales overlay Huck Finn imagery, bolts of myth underpin psychedelic legends, and beneath it all, within it, resides you, the most glorious story of them all.

Every time you wear Magnolia Pearl, you are cocooned in supple encouragement, dressed to reflect the revolution within. The body is our vehicle of experience, the threshold between the known and unknown world. Such a blessed vessel merits protection, soft armor for the divinity shining like a sacred heart from our very breasts.

We can only be mended to the extent that we attend to this holiness and only made whole through exposing the wear we have withstood.

Magnolia Pearl is about YOU and how you tell your story.

Our garments are just along for the ride -- pieces of thread and light, sewn summations of surrender and dreams, with a poem on the sleeve.


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