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MERT DIGITAL PRINTING, which has been serving with its advanced technology facility with a usage area of 1600 m2 since 2009, has carried the sector's success to the world arena with the NESSCARF brand. Since the day it was founded, MERT DIGITAL PRINTING, which has blended accessories for daily use such as shawls, scarves, scarves, kimono, with its unique style in the triangle of fashion, art and quality, promises a different personality to those who carry its products with its wearable art brand NESSCARF.


NESSCARF, which transforms the design claim in its scarves into a visual feast with the motto "EVERYONE DESERVES TO BE STYLISH"; It has expanded its range with scarves, shawls, scarves, hair bands, kimonos and handmade bags for women, as well as scarves and scarves for men with its new collection.

NESSCARF, which makes you feel the dynamics of the day with its eye-catching colors, where geometric patterns come together with flower motifs, and which makes timeless but so many moments, from ethnic designs to modern discourses, aims to provide the best customer experience with high quality products and services in the e-commerce sector in 2022.




By continuously improving the quality of our processes, products and services, understanding the expectations of our customers correctly and meeting these expectations with high quality products and services,

To be able to continuously improve the services and product range we offer to our customers, to provide fast, reliable and accurate information, to keep the customer satisfaction at the highest level by making the technological and institutional infrastructure effective,

To implement the requirements with the participation of all our employees and to continuously improve its effectiveness in order to provide service in accordance with the quality principles,

To manage all our activities on the basis of process management and risk and opportunity approach,

To provide environments where our employees can express themselves in a participatory, sharing and creative way and develop themselves continuously,

To realize our quality and process goals with the participation of our employees, to determine our quality goals in accordance with customer requirements, to announce them to the relevant people and to identify our areas for improvement,

To regularly review our work in order to increase efficiency, to ensure continuous improvement and to fulfill applicable requirements,

To ensure the continuity of our company understanding that values people, the environment and our employees,

To carry out our processes in an integrated manner with the Quality Management System Standard and other standards,

We comply with the conditions specified in laws and regulations, and for this purpose, we undertake to closely monitor the relevant legal requirements and keep this information systematically up-to-date.


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