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About Us

When the contemporary style is an infusion with the Arabic roots, the woman's fashion style speaks louder than words.

On this principle, the two sisters Nora & Haya founded NH ALRABIAH, a Kuwaiti designer brand, in 2020, named after their initials and last name.

Their hands-on experience assures the brilliant creation of a ready-to-wear item starting from a rough sketch.

NH ALRABIAH is a brand inspired by Nora & Haya’s passion to empower women to make clothing choices significantly contribute to their confidence, raise their self-esteem, and help propel them to success both in the workplace and at home among family and friends.

Nora & Haya realize that every sketch idea needs a vision and a focused strategy to be successfully executed. Therefore, their vision for their Kuwaiti brand is to penetrate every market and improve women’s purchasing habits all over the world.

Our Story

It all started with a childhood dream of two sisters, followed by a detected passion, which led to a professional desire to bring a Kuwaiti created fashion brand to the world.

We, Nora & Haya, wanted to translate our business idea into action. Our affordable premium brand requires a little financial ambition, worthy of our start-up purpose, that no woman dressed by us can pass unnoticed. 

      "Spending a little more on our high-end brand is justified”


Our Core Values

We understand that brand values go far beyond simply providing great products and we realize the importance of connecting with our teams and customers on a deeper level.

We strive to make a difference in the daily life of every woman who chooses us, by executing our very best fashion ideas and being present to offer multiple choices at a time.

We ensure diversity when dealing with different teams and partners and we recognize outstanding performances. ​     

Our Mission 

We want to influence and nurture the woman’s self-image, using our business to make a difference in women’s lives across the world.

Our Vision

We want to draw women’s attention to our Kuwaiti origin fashion creativity. We aspire to let women across the world consider our services for the enhancement of their life quality. 

Our Objectives

  1. Creativity: Our professionals travel for inspiration, master sketching arts, have an eye for which fabrics and colours will complement an outfit, and can properly construct their conception.
  2. Premium QualityWe source high-end clothing products. We manufacture our products with experienced partners who specialize in producing high-end clothing.
  3. Fashion Worth the Value: High-end fashion is at the disposal of women who wish to have higher standards of clothing for a little higher value worthy of the outcome.
  4. Dedication for empowermentWe aim to empower women, Arab in particular, through fashion which highlights individuality and allows to express every woman. By letting the woman reflect a version of herself, she possesses leverage the world can see.



Kuwait City
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Contact Exhibitor

  • sixth Avenue Pace

    22 May 2022
    This get-creative pantsuit features NH ALRABIAH signature lines around the collar. The illusion of a two-layer blazer distinguishes the waist and adds height to the silhouette of the wearer, the heavy ...
  • The Big Apple Swagger

    22 May 2022
    Walk with confidence in this gorgeous NH ALRABIAH blue pantsuit that features a regular fit, high waist pants with two front slits, companied by a crossover between a cape and blazer, featuring an ope ...
  • A mermaid sleeveless dress paired with its matching blazer, featuring a low draping skirt attached by white lace.  
  • This RoseWood jumpsuit features the classic crisscross laced rope across the waist inspired by the history of fashion in the 1850s, where modern women at the time would use corsets to emphasize their ...
  • A midi- short sleeve, dress featuring white crossing seams on a black, 4-stretch way fabric.
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    05 Jun 2022 NH ALRABIAH
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    05 Jun 2022 NH ALRABIAH
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