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Two Sicilian dreamers, Alexandra and Antonio.
In our goldsmith's workshop we merge together traditional techniques, modern technologies and
attention to detail with the aim of creating contemporary jewellery capable of enclosing and telling emotions.
The deepest Souls of Sicily, worn by people.
Through its jewellery, Origine tells the deepest aspects of Sicily and allows people to immerse themselves and identify with the natural, cultural and anthropological aspects of a unique land.
Handmade and demi-fine jewellery.
We take great care in the making of our jewellery. Each piece of jewellery is designed and manufactured in our Origine workshop: from the drawing, to the project and the manufacturing.
We select each material for its qualities and aesthetic properties.
We experiment with precious materials such as silver, gold and bronze, starting from materials linked to Sicily’s territory: sea urchins for Armonia collection, prickly pear fibre to crete the
precious texture of Desiderio collection, or the traditional lace that makes up the jewellery of Regina collection.


Valdina (ME)
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  • Desiderio collection is an ode to the Mediterranean sea and its tresures. Through a thin layer of enamel we take a glimpse at little islands created with a typical and natural material. Prickly pear l ...
  • Armonia collection encloses the beauty that lies into the simplicity and gentleness of living on a Mediterranean island. A dainty sea urchin cast in silver or bronze as a token to treasure those momen ...
  • Our Bridal collection came naturally as an extension of our romantic Regina collection. The same intricate lace detail becomes a delicate flower to adorn and give light to brides and/or thier bridesma ...
  • The jewels from Regina collection, embody the authenticity of eternal bonds, trough its intricate lace detail. Casted in silver and 9kt gold from an original family lace and embellished with hand set ...
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