Hall: Grand Ground Stand: F64

The brand’s name is Romanian for “little shoes”. And it tells you more about the brand than you realize. It shows the core of the company, which has been and will always be revolving around shoes. Papucei is a word you would use when you care for a pair of shoes dearly and you can’t just name them “shoes”. Also, it’s a regional word, used mostly in the northeast of Romania, a region known for its long tradition in shoe manufacturing and the place where Papucei was established.

Good quality materials are key, so each season we search to find the best suppliers. We take the materials and use them in unconventional ways, we transform and refine them, and we end up with products that are hard to believe. The comfort, special design, and quality of our products are the result of the passion, talent, and experience of over 35 years in the field of the designer Angela Vasiliu.



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