Rejoice Bozho

Hall: Grand Ground Stand: H50

REJOICE BOZHO, a contemporary streetwear brand designed in the UK, transcends the boundaries of conventional fashion. More than just a label, it embodies an artistic odyssey, a celebration of founder Rejoice Bozho's innate flair for fashion. Rooted in the vibrant and diverse culture of the streets, REJOICE BOZHO crafts a narrative that resonates with the modern urbanite. Each piece tells a story, merging comfort with cutting-edge design, creating a distinctive style that is both audacious and authentic. This brand is a testament to the belief that streetwear is not merely clothing but a form of self-expression, an embodiment of the dynamic and ever-evolving spirit of the streets. With an unapologetic commitment to individuality and a keen eye for contemporary trends, REJOICE BOZHO invites fashion enthusiasts to join a movement where streetwear becomes a canvas for personal expression and urban sophistication.


United Kingdom


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  • VINCHY Dress

    13 Nov 2023
        Our tailored evening gown is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this ethereal piece seamlessly merges timeless elegance with contemporary allure.    

    13 Nov 2023
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  • Hike-Couture

    11 Feb 2024 Rejoice Bozho
      The debut collection embarks on a journey where hiking couture meets high fashion, creating a distinctive narrative that captivates the spirit of the fashion-forward individual.  
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