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We are Steamery. A Scandinavian clothing care brand with a mission to change the way we treat our clothes.

The lifetime of a garment today is unnecessarily short. The norm is that you buy a sweater, wash it way too often and throw it out way too early. We believe in changing that behavior. The way we treat our clothes today is simply not possible in the long run.

The philosophy of clothing care isn’t something new. Two generations ago everybody knew how to take care of their clothes, but since then the tradition has been forgotten. We wanted to bring it back, but with a modern solution. That’s why our founders Frej, Petra and Martin started Steamery in 2014.

At Steamery, our mission is to inspire and educate people to take better care of their clothes in order to make them look great and last longer. We do that by creating smart, minimalistic and modern clothing care products that we believe will forever change the way we treat our clothes.


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  • When washing your clothes, make sure to do it in the right way depending on color and fabric. Our Laundry detergents are designed to nourish and take care of your whole wardrobe.
  • A few strokes with Steamery’s clothing brushes and dust, lint, dirt and hair will come off your clothes. Most useful on fabrics like denim, cotton, outerwear or home textiles.
  • Representing the ideal balance between function and aesthetics. Pilo 2 Fabric Shaver is gentle yet effective and removes lint and pilling from all kinds of materials. With six precision razor blades a ...
  • Create either a pressed or a more natural look. Cirrus 3 Iron Steamer Charcoal is a hybrid between a steamer and an iron, making it possible to steam your clothes any way you prefer. This iron steamer ...
  • Cirrus X Handheld Steamer is a powerful steamer designed to refresh and de-wrinkle your clothes, equipped with a translucent water tank and a hanging loop. With its lightweight and portable design, it ...
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  • At Steamery, we want to inspire people to take better care of the clothes they already own, to help reduce the number of garments that go to waste each year. Discover our wide range of products design ...
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