Hall: JATC Ground Stand: E45

UK based Men's and Women's ethical and sustainable activewear company

Garments are designed in the UK, ethically made in Portugal

Using recycled fabrics, beautiful Organic Cottons, Tencel to produce exclusive active ands athleisure wear.

We are ANTI FAST fashion

We are the company that makes the infamous Quilted Puffer Poncho, vegan friendly, super cool, unique in design, its fun and different, we will have them at the show so stop buy to check it out. You will also see it faetured on the catwalks. 

We are the company that is responsible for the 'currently' world first anti odour organic cotton collection.

We apply to our active wear range and athlesuire wear a natural eco -friendly solution that prevents the grwoth of bacteria from our body's sweat, environmental odours such as smoke and food odours...why do we do this? so you can wear the garment multple times before you 'feel' the need to wash it. This means the consumer saves water, less wash loads = better the planet, local enviroment, better for you and also its better for the garment.  Taking care of your garment will see it avoid landfill, and instead fit for a 2nd life in the 2nd hand market. 

We have over 150 sku's, all ready in stock, ready to be delivered to your stores within a week!

At the show you will find us on stand E45, be sure to stop by, say hi and see what we have.      


About us

UP was born from a passionate belief that performance wear should do good everywhere. From empowering our bodies, minds and souls to giving us confidence in our homes, parks and gyms. From supporting traditional skills in communities around the world to safeguarding nature and its resources.

In a world of fast fashion, over-production and flash sales, our planet is the big loser. Which is why we do things differently. We play fair.










United Kingdom


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