Claire Wright

Owner – Gemini Woman

Founded in 1985, Claire Wright born in Stratford Upon Avon and inspired by her parents independent shoe business, launched her first Gemini Woman store in Banbury on the 7th June 1985. With a few relocations and changes over the years, Stratford Upon Avon is now home to Gemini with the family shoe business now in house on Wood Street.  

Proud to be a stockist for a variety of European and UK based brands, our collections have grown over the years with brands coming and going. Their current best-selling brands range across Danish favourites Masai & Thing to European sell outs like Mama B and Amazing Woman.

The Gemini website launched in 2008 transforming the business to a 24/7 shopping destination for existing local customers as well as expanding our reach to a global community of customers that all love Gemini.

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