Jabali Crombie Coat

Asantii Hall: Grand Ground Stand: B24
  • Jabali Crombie Coat
  • Jabali Crombie Coat
Jabali Crombie Coat Jabali Crombie Coat

The Jabali {Jah-bah-lee} Combie Coat takes it's meaning from the Tanzanian word strong. 

Hand-loomed by a collective in Burkina Faso, Faso Dan Fani is a narrow loom-woven cotton cloth from one of the biggest African cotton producer and exporters.

It became a source of national pride after the West African country achieved independence in 1984, its first president, revolutionary leader Thomas Sankara, declaring: “To wear the Faso Dan Fani is an economic, cultural and political act of defiance to imperialism.” Asantii loves its understated striped design and spirit of unity, making the fabric a special addition to this collection.

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