15 Jun 2023


And-Able Hall: Grand Ground Stand: H26
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Loci Loci Loci

The Loci is made from a scuba material, beautifuly soft and comfortable to wear. 
The arms have descreet pockets with zips to open up to allow for blood pressure, blood taking and targeted treatments. Two neck zips allow for easy access to a central line, Pacemaker checks, breast checks,  ecg. 
and many more. 
The central kangaroo pouch has a zipped opening to allow for Peg feeds, stoma and illeostomy bags, , ultrasound exams and X-rays. 
There is a detachable snood to for warmth while having a cold cap through chemotherapy, it can be worn while having a tracheotomy. There's a toggle in the back to allow for weight gain and loss. 

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